We have all imagined our “dream house”. This could be a new residence or an old apartment. It could be our own present home with some changes which we always wanted to make in order to adapt the space to our needs. 

Many times we have wanted to go ahead and fulfill these desires but something has blocked our will. It could be the misgivings of how to endure everything it takes to complete such a project; how to transform our imagination into a realistic picture, who are the professionals that we have to turn to, what materials to use, what to do once the work has started and how to be able to come to a successful end according to the initial project (design, quality, budget, time and all other “reasonable” doubts). All of the above generate a barricade that stops us from making our dream come true.


These very understandable doubts are the reason that Casa Pueblo was created.

We, in Casa Pueblo, commit ourselves to help YOU transform your dream into a reality with the adequate budget for your needs and requests. We will let you enjoy peace and quiet during the process because we will work for your benefit and security. All our staff, architects, designers, engineers and builders, is professional with long years of experience and they are at the disposition of the client at every moment of the process.


What does Casa Pueblo have to offer?

In order to adapt to the requirements of our clients and offer them the best and most complete service, we have created two departments that work unilaterally but, at the same time, complete each other to create the concept which will produce a successful formula for our clients’ needs and desires: The Department of Design and The Department of Construction and Supervision.


The Department of Design


This department is available to our clients as an integral part of all our services in Casa Pueblo, or it can be used separately as a design service. We commit ourselves to make your dreams come true aesthetically adapting to your needs and budget previously agreed on.


Part of our services in this Department are:

1. Complete design of the house, exterior and interior.

2. Engineering and building calculations.

3. Interior design:

          -Wall breaking design in interiors and exteriors

          -Interior wall distribution designs inside the house

-General designing of new spaces, movement axis and dynamic correlation between these spaces  

          -Design of sanitary installations

          -Design of electrical installations, including light distribution

          -Design of air conditioning installations

          -Design of heating installations

          -Design of ceilings to separate spaces

          -Adding spaces to existent ones


The Department of Construction


In Casa Pueblo we specialize in carrying out that which we previously designed- with excellent quality and the professionalism that characterizes our work- creating in our clients a sense of peace and quiet that transforms anything “complicated” into an agreeable experience.


Our expertise in the direction and supervision of the different experts involved in the project makes the process –and above all, the final result- come to an end with great success according to the initial expectations of the clients.


In Casa Pueblo, our concept is to work together with our clients from beginning to end, from the initial drawings of the project until we hang the curtains. We commit ourselves to stand by our clients – in the old or new house, or anywhere- and to connect them with the best and most trusted professionals in order to give them the possibility of finding the best prices, including details for the house or apartment such as furniture, curtains and electrical appliances.